Privacy Policy

Privacy and security policy

The Planmeca Online web site and Planmeca Romexis Cloud service accessible via is operated by Planmeca Oy, a Finnish company located at Asentajankatu 6, 00880 Helsinki, Finland. The purpose of this policy is to inform you what personal data Planmeca will collect, how Planmeca uses and safeguards that data and with whom Planmeca may transfer it. By registering at Planmeca Online web site or using our Planmeca Romexis Cloud service you agree on this policy.

Collection of Personal data

Through Planmeca Online web site Planmeca may collect the following personal data provided by users: name, sex, date of birth, phone number(s), e-mail address, post address(es) and fax number. Planmeca may collect personal data when you register, complete a subscription, or request certain information about our products and services or reply to our surveys.

Planmeca does not and cannot collect any information stored within your image scans or studies. That information is encrypted before it is uploaded to Planmeca Romexis Cloud, with the exception of study date and time for the purpose of allowing users to communicate patient cases outside of Planmeca Romexis, and only decrypted for viewing when it is on your device or on the decive of the counterparty that you use the service with.

Purpose of use

Planmeca uses the personal data to respond to your inquiry, to provide you our products and services and assist you in your use of our products. Planmeca may use the personal data we collect about you to ask you to participate in surveys to understand better our customer's needs and to improve our products.

Planmeca tracks your usage of the service for the purpose of billing. Each transaction only details the action (download, upload, etc.), amount of data transferred, the time, the users involved, and a reference to the encrypted study or image.

Transfer or disclosure of Personal data

Planmeca will not disclose personal information for direct marketing purposes for the third parties.

In relation to the Planmeca Online web site and Planmeca Romexis Cloud service Planmeca may transfer your personal data to other EU country or outside EU due to Planmeca using Internet server hosting services provided by third parties. Planmeca may also share your personal data with our worldwide affiliates in case it is necessary in order to provide this service to you. For the moment the encrypted medical images files are stored at an established service provider in United Kingdom. By clicking "I have read the Privacy and Security Policy and agree on the Terms and Conditions including the transfer of my personal data" checkbox your are bound to this policy and accept the transfer of personal data as described in this policy.

Note that Planmeca must provide your personal data in response to a search warrant or other legally valid inquiry or order.


Planmeca will maintain confidential of all personal data collected at Planmeca Online or in connection with the use of Planmeca Romexis Cloud and will only disclose such information to employees and service providers who require such information for the purpose described in the policy. Your image scans and studies uploaded to the service are protected using strong public-key encryption, and your user account information is securely stored. Since Planmeca does not have access to your private key stored in your local system, Planmeca does not have the means to decrypt any image scans or studies uploaded to the service.

Your encrypted medical images are stored in Rackspace, London (see "Third Party Involvement" above), a distributed storage mechanism with global access. Every medical image series is individually encrypted for added security.

Access to your personal data and correction of data

Planmeca will respond to request to review your personal data and to correct, amend or delete any inaccuracies.

As a registered user with Planmeca Online, you can access your profile information and correct it at any time by logging in and using the My Account page.

You can also write or send e-mail to us to the addresses below:

Planmeca Oy
Osku Sundqvist
Asentajankatu 6
00880 Helsinki

Changes to this policy

Planmeca may change this policy any the time and the changes will be binding with immediate effect on posting it on Planmeca Online web site or by we will alert you with other similar ways. If you do not agree with any amendments to the policy you may terminate the use of our service at any time by providing us with an e-mail or regular mail to the contact addresses above. By continuing the use of our service you agree on the amendments of this policy.